What We Do

SOLID is a woman-owned small business with over 20 years of experience creating workforce development solutions for civilian and military clients. We’re strengthening our nation’s workforce by expanding pathways and increasing recognition of skills and abilities.

Our Services & Solutions

With an eye to the continued evolution of the labor force, increased demand for skilled workers, and a need for enhanced recognition of skills and experience, SOLID develops cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of an ever-changing talent marketplace.

Meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled knowledge of the credentialing ecosystem, and our commitment to delivering high-quality services and solutions has established SOLID as a thought leader in our field and has led to our involvement in groundbreaking workforce development initiatives across the United States.

Research, Reporting, and Implementation

SOLID is a sought-after expert in the space of credentialing and workforce development, specializing in the translation of military-acquired knowledge and skills to facilitate successful career outcomes.

  • Broad Spectrum Expertise in Workforce Development (e.g. Labor Market Analysis, Career Pathways Identification, etc.)
  • Rigorous Data Collection and Analysis, Utilizing Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • Research, Author, and Design Reports (e.g., Presidential and Congressional Inquiries)
  • Development of Scalable Methodologies Applicable Across Contexts
  • Implementation of Insights to Create Impactful Action for Stakeholders

Application and Software Development

Our Engineering team maintains leading industry certifications and specializes in collaborative and customer-centric development, ensuring rapid iterative cycles and high-quality solutions.

  • Agile Application and Software Development (Scrum and Kanban)
  • Data Visualization and Intuitive UI, Blending Analytical Precision with User-Friendly Design
  • DevSecOps Practices Ensuring Compliance with DOD Security Requirements
  • End-to-End Design and Implementation of Digital Credentials, Utilizing Open-Source Technologies

Management Consulting

We excel at credentialing and occupational analysis, leveraging data-driven strategies to assess workforce needs and create innovative solutions for identifying equitable, accessible, and sustainable skills and credentialing pathways for our nation’s workforce.

  • Workforce Development Consulting (Skills Analysis, Policy, Talent Management, Military Training and Learning, etc.)
  • Innovative Design Thinking Methodologies
  • End-to-End Project Management Office (PMO) Support

Counseling Support Services

Our counselors offer comprehensive virtual support to guide informed decision-making about credentials that support an individual’s professional growth.

  • Highly Trained Counselors with Industry Expertise
  • Career and Credential Counseling Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Our Projects

SOLID provides subject matter expertise, cutting-edge research and analysis, design, and sophisticated application development for a variety of clients and projects. While our primary body of work has been in the military-to-civilian space supporting several long-term contracts with the Department of Defense, the full scope of our work and our team’s capabilities is extensive. The following is just a small selection of the projects we support. 

COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line)

The Challenge: Service members have limited access to information on credentials that translate military occupations to the related civilian licenses, certifications, and apprenticeships that support their career both during service and after separation.

The SOLID Solution: COOL is an interactive website that uses a database of occupational and credentialing information to allow service members to easily identify and attain credentials that will support their professional development in the military and beyond. SOLID’s extensive expertise in military and civilian occupational analysis allows for service-specific military occupations to be mapped to their related civilian credentials, providing opportunities for career advancement and recognition of skills acquired during the military life cycle.

SOLID has supported COOL since 2006.


The Challenge: While in service, service members struggle with identifying skill gaps in their training or experience to support their professional development and career goals. After separation, translating military skills and experience into civilian job requirements is a challenge, leading to significant rates of underemployment, and earning below potential and skill level.

The SOLID Solution: Powered by COOL, MilGears is a cutting-edge, web-based technology solution designed to support professional development for service members at every stage of their career—from recruitment through transition—by connecting individual learning and experience to customized career and education opportunities. Built on an extensive aggregate of military and civilian occupational and credentialing data mapped by SOLID’s world-class analysts, MilGears allows users to explore career paths, assess how their current experience matches up to job requirements, and advance their career goals.

SOLID has supported MilGears since its inception in 2017.


Connecting Industry Partners to Transitioning Service Members for Fully Funded, Real World Experience in In-Demand Fields

The Department of Defense (DOD) SkillBridge program connects separating military service members with industry partners, helping them gain invaluable real-world experience for a seamless transition to the civilian workforce. Eligible during the final 180 days of service, service members enrolled in SkillBridge programs take part in specialized industry training, apprenticeships, or internships in in-demand fields while receiving full military compensation and benefits. A truly mutually beneficial partnership, SkillBridge industry partners get the opportunity to tap into a highly trained, motivated, and dependable population of workers at no cost, while providing indispensable knowledge, training, and on-the-job experience to service members that can translate to post-service employment opportunities.

Navy College Program 

A Comprehensive Planning Platform that Provides Sailors the Opportunity to Make the Most of Educational Opportunities.

The Navy College Program enables Sailors to receive academic credit for training they receive and work they perform while serving on active duty. This includes classes and coursework completed remotely when deployed, including on ships and submarines. The Navy asked SOLID to redesign and redevelop the Navy College Program website as the Navy transitioned from on-base Navy College Offices to virtual support and counseling services that would be provided through the website. SOLID successfully supported the transition, developing a website and online tools that maintained high service levels and Sailor satisfaction during and after the transition.  


The Challenge: Dallas College sought a software solution that would enable Texans to access regional reskilling and upskilling opportunities in Dallas to further their career and professional development goals in the high-demand healthcare sector.

The SOLID Solution: SOLID’s groundbreaking cloud-based MilGears application is being modified for use by Dallas College to provide users with the ability to explore credentials, occupations, and specific job opportunities related to their entire portfolio of skills and experience. MapMyFutureSM allows users to explore credentials, apprenticeships, and jobs based on their interests and view and download their results. 

The Manufacturing Readiness Project

Bridging the Divide Between Service and Civilian Careers

The Challenge: Nearly 200,000 skilled veterans enter the civilian job market each year, with valuable yet often underrecognized experience and skills due to a significant gap in how military learning is communicated and documented. There is no standardized method for documenting and interpreting military skills within the civilian job market context. Hiring initiatives built around military-to-civilian occupation crosswalks limit candidates to only veterans in closely aligned occupations, overlooking transferable experience from training or collateral duties.

The SOLID Solution: The Manufacturing Readiness Project utilizes the latest in labor market tech tools—digital badges and digital wallets—to help veterans translate their military-acquired skills to find meaningful employment in the manufacturing industry. Through a comprehensive framework developed by SOLID, thousands of badges have been awarded to service members and veterans, showcasing their competencies and mastery of relevant skills to potential employers. Designed to be adaptable across military occupations and civilian industries, this project offers a blueprint for identifying additional military-earned skills across industries, and signals a paradigm shift in how military skills are recognized and valued across diverse sectors. Watch our demo video or check out the one pager to learn more.

Our Publications

SOLID has authored or contributed our subject matter expertise to a variety of workforce development and credentialing-related reports and publications. Included below are a few notable examples:

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